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Our South East Traveller Series Sponsors 2018



2017 Event Sponsors


Thank you to our sponsors, it is only with their help and support can we offer the sailing and coaching opportunities that have here in the South East.

We rely on sponsors to help with the running of the South East ITCA region, this sponsorship allows us support the coaching events and ensure that we have the equiptment we need to support the Traveller Series and our training days.

Our sponsors see the benefit of enabling young people to have more opportunities to increase their sailing skills and race against each other and they could be supporting the next Ben Ainslie or Andrew (Bart) Simpson and the development of our next Sailing Olympic Gold medal winner. Our sponsors get the opportunity to have a link to our web site and promote their support of the South East ITCA Region. They attend the event and have the opportunity to award the prizes.

We are delighted that we have secured a Series Sponsor and Event Sponsors for some of the single events and are seeking other companies or organisations that would like to be a part of supporting the development of young sailors.  Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this or know of any companies or organisations that we could approach. Please contact the South East Area Representative