Topper Tips

Toppers are pretty simple boats, but to get the most from topper sailing, there are a few things it’s useful to know.  Here we gather together assorted hints and tips to improve your Topper sailing.

Rigging a Topper



Transporting a Topper

General Upkeep

Class Rules

  • Class Rules from ITCA International. No-one is going to be too fussy about conformance with the class rules at club or SE Toppers events, but if you want to compete in national events, you’ll need your boat to conform with the rules.
  • Topper Sail Numbers – class rules about sail number placement.
  • ITCA guidelines for sponsorship on Toppers: rules, illustration


Where to Buy

  • New boats are available direct from Topper International.
  • Used boats are available from many places, but Apollo Duck usually has a fair number listed for sale.  The best time to buy a good race boat is probably right after the Topper Nationals in August, when the oldest sailors are moving on to bigger boats.
  • Used boats and spares are often listed on the Facebook Dinghies and Dinghy Bits for Sale group.
  • Hints for Buying Toppers by Dave Cockerill.